Munsterberg Lager Beer Pragobeer Lager Beer Nahar Beer Kosher Original Czech Beer

REGNER LEGACY - Distributor of Premium Beverages

Regner Legacy was founded in 2009 by an entrepreneur from Central Europe whose goal was to bring centuries old traditional brewing practices of premium lager beer to America.

Regner Legacy is proud to introduce three brands of Czech beers into the U.S. market which are rich in tradition and offer a bold taste. Born in a brewery located in a small town in the Czech Republic, the oldest and finest beer producing country in the world. Get to know Pragobeer, Munsterberg and Nahar, the newest additions to the world renowned Czech beers, with a touch of tradition that takes you back to the original richness taste.

We are passionate about our beers and our time honored traditional brewing practice.

Nahar Beer: An original Czech lager beer which is crafted using only the finest ingredients and brewed using the most strict Kosher parameters.

Munsterberg Beer: A classic Czech lager with full flavor, higher bitterness and medium CO2 saturation. We start at the source with premium water. The beer is exclusively brewed by traditional procedures with a long maturation period using original ingredients – Pilsen malt and Žatec hops.

Pragobeer: Traditional Pale Pilsner beer that is characterized by its delicate taste, pleasant bitterness, fine hop aroma, rich foam and golden color. It will will reward you with a robust taste that takes nothing away from its drinkability.